Do you dream of conquering a marathon, but just aren’t ready to commit to a solo 26.2?

Round up your family, friends or even coworkers to take on the distance together at the first annual Irving Relay in Irving, TX!


“This was my first Marathon Relay! I did not know what to expect going into this. This event was run smoothly. It was a fun atmosphere and the music at the start/finish line was awesome!”  - Whitney J.

“It was a fun race! I loved it! The course was nice and the medals we got were awesome!”  - Bev B.

“The Marathon Relay was a fun experience for my runners. Having to race on your own for 5.24 miles but being part of a team is an excellent way to develop mental toughness! Thanks much for the opportunity to participate!”  - Brad W. Lutz, Head Coach Lake Cities XC

“I ran in the Irving Marathon Relay and thought it was excellent! The course was very nice and in great shape. The amenities and facilities were very good.”  - Steven Z.

Enjoyed the relay. We’ll be back again to best our time! Hope this event continues to grow!”  - Shane K.


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